Carpet Cleaning in Bourne - Falmouth - Sandwich - Mashpee - All of Barnstable, and the Surrounding Areas

Our carpet cleaning technicians will professionally clean your carpets to remove dirt, grit and soil tracked into your home especially during the Fall & Winter months. These contaminants contain minerals and chemicals that can be very damaging when left in the carpet for prolong periods of time.
As you walk on your carpet and grind dirt, grit and grime in, the soil can cut and damage the fibers, shortening the life of your carpets. Dirt, grit, grime and chemicals can cause reactions in members of your family who have allergies, and they can be hazardous to the health of babies and small children who frequently play on the carpet.
Installed wall to wall carpet cleaning frequency recommendations
Industry standards recommend cleaning your wall to wall carpets every 12-18 months. A very active home with children or pets we would advise towards the 12 month frequency. While a quiet home with a couple of meticulous adults you may look toward the 18 month cycle. Homeowners should: "CLEAN FOR THE HEALTH OF IT"vs. waiting for visible soil to appear.
We use the patented Bane Clene System™ that is used or recommended by the majorcarpet manufacturer's in the country, This carpet cleaning system is safe for all fabrics. Itis simple, safe and gentile, but effective.

The system cleans with warm vapor created by heated water mixed with a gentle but effective cleaning agent to no more than 150 degrees++++ warm enough to loosen dirt &soil, but cool enough to avoid shrinkage or discoloration. 95% or more of the water and cleaning agent are immediately vacuumed out. Your carpets will dry faster, stay clean and fresh longer.

Our equipment is truck mounted and stays in the van. Nothing comes into your home except our thoroughly trained, uniformed technician with a long hose and cleaning tool.We bring our own pre-softened water and take all the away.

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